Helena Lovasz-BUKVOVA

Dr. rer. pol., Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. 
Helena Lovasz-BUKVOVA, MRES


Assistant Professor
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute for Information Systems and New Media, doing research in the area of e learning and e-collaboration (with special interest in learning analytics) as well as methodology of Information Systems. I have a Master-level degree in Information Systems (Dipl.-Wirtschaftsinformatik) from the Technische Universität Dresden, Germany, where I also did my doctoral degree (Dr. rer. pol). My doctoral thesis dealt with the self-presentation of scientists on the Internet. I also have a degree as Master of Research in Education and Social Sciences from the University of London. I joined the Institute for Information Systems and New Media in November 2012.

My research activities are diverse and in general concerned with the actions of human actors in socio-technical systems. My early research was concerned with the design of interactive e-learning and blended learning settings esp. in an international context. I have also studied the impact of information and communication technologies (especially Social Media) in education. I am currently interested in learning analyst as means of providing direct feedback to instructors and educational decision makers. I am also deeply interested in research methodology, especially in Information Systems and the connection of research approaches with academic culture.

My publications: Mendeley - Google Scholar Citations - DBLP


  • I teach the Bachelor course Corporate IT I (a part of the SBWL specialisation in Information Systems).
  • I also offer seminar topics in the IS project seminar (a part of the SBWL specialisation in Information Systems).

I supervise Bachelor theses (in German or English) dealing with topics connected to my research areas and I have a distinct preference for topcs connected to e-Learning. I am happy to negotiate an individual topic with each candidate. The following is a list of ideas I currently have for Bachelor theses:

  • Geocaching mobilises millions - could it be used to engage students? (creating a learning path at the WU campus or elsewhere)
  • How do we learn? (an immersive, empirical study of students' learning patterns with special focus on technology - many subtopics)
  • How can technology support out-of-class learning? (there are many subtopics possible here, esp. in the area of inverted classroom)
  • Can technology support reading in higher education? (students often lack strategies to deal with scientific texts - can technology help)
  • Can technology support the formation of scholarly communities? (creating stronger ties among students and lecturers at the university)
  • Technology - an animal, vegetable or mineral? (an empirical study of how students perceive technology in learning)
  • E-Waste and I (an empirical study of students use patterns of electronic devices from point of view of e-Waste)
  • Self-presentation on the Internet (how can the internet help to create a suitable, professional self-image)